iRT GTasks Outliner BETA

Managing tasks and outlines were never that easy on Android until now! This site is under construction, please be patient, thanks. BETA version is now available on the Android Market.

iRT GTasks Outliner is a Google Tasks Android interface that features

  • Powerful outlining capabilities
  • Sync with multiple Google tasks accounts.
  • iRT Calendar Pro integration
  • Multiple Online or Offline account support
  • Drag items up and down to rearrange items/branches
  • Use swipe left/right to promote/demote items.
  • Panel based moving of tasks
  • Panel based multiple select, cut, copy, paste and delete
  • Categorize or tag outlines (TODO).
  • Use numbers for outline notations.
  • Email whole or part of the outlines.
  • Copy and paste whole or part of an outline.
  • Store multiple, separate outlines.
  • Duplicate branches.
  • Outline templates.
  • Multiple views for sort by creation date, last modification date, etc
  • Account/List level auto-sync
  • Account/List level visibility
  • Gesture based font size adjustments for quick easy viewing
  • Gesture based single or all level tasks expansion
  • Gesture based Branch zoom
  • Action preferences  based on left long press,  left double tap, left single tap
  • Action preferences based on right long press, right double tap, right single tap
  • Sort permanent, sorts tasks on current level, current level and below or all levels of the list
  • Restore deteted tasks
  • Restore tasks in Recycle Bin
  • Clear completed tasks
  • Uncheck completed tasks
  • Import/Export to Bonsai (TODO)
  • Sync with Bonsai (TODO)
  • Overwrite Google Tasks changes
  • Overwrite Local changes
  • Level color
  • Linkify notes -- make web, email, phone, address links clickable in notes
  • Context-sensitive help
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