1. iRT GTasks Outliner BETA

(Currently availble on the Android Market)

iRT Gtasks Outliner is a powerful Android outliner that supports Offline account and Multiple Google Tasks accounts. The main goal of this application is to make managing of tasks and complex outlines as efficient and easy as possible on the Android system.  To acheive this, lots of possible gestures have been evaluated and incorporated in the application to make it "part of the body". The gestures enhanced with powerful search function that supports all list/outline or single list/ouline search and jump to the task location in the three makes  outline management a breeze. Lots of tasks actions like sort permanent, overwrite local change or overwrite  Goolgle Tasks changes, Drag and drop, multi-edit and many more combined with numerous views makes the application a solid outliner.  This is FREE for iRT Calendar Pro users.

2. iRT Gtasks Outliner  Key

Unlocks the trial iRT GTasks Outliner. Not yet available, pricing TBD.

3. iRT Calendar Pro Integration

iRT Calendar, a Google Calendar Android interface, has been used by thousands of users for efficient and easy calendar scheduling.


Product Specifications


iRT GTasks Outliner Key

Android Version 1.6 or higher 
iRT Calendar Pro Integration Yes
Offline Account Yes
Google Tasks Accounts Unlimited
Tasks List Sort Preference Sort by name, account, last modified date, sort manual (drag and drop)
Number of Tasks List  Unlimited
Search Level (phone's search button) All tasks or list level
Search behavior Jump to specific task on tree  and highlight task;  list search results in search view for filtered editing
Sort permanent Sort by task name permanently for current level only, current level and below, Entire list
Drag and drop up and down Tasks Tree, Tasks list manager, Account manager
Swipe left/right to promote/demote tasks Yes
Drag and drop with Move panel support Yes
Move panel Up/down/left/right, can be used to enhance Drag and drop
Multi-edit panel (branch level) Multi-select, cut, paste, copy,  delete
Task Context Edit Add, cut, copy, task delete, branch delete, paste branch, copy branch to list/adhoc list
Number notation yes
Views (ascending/descending) Alphabetical, completion date, creation date, due date, flat list, last modified, deleted, recycle bin
Restore from Delete or Recycle bin Yes
Auto-sync levels Account and list level sync control
Auto-sync start time and end time Yes
Sync statistics report Yes
Email Entire list or portion of lilst
Visibility (hide or show tasks) Account and list level
Gestures (left/right swipe) - configurable Font-size, single level expansion/collapse, all level expansion/collapse
Gestures on individual task - configurable Left long press, Left double tap, Left single tap, Right long press, Right double tap, Right single tap
Gesture on individual task  actions Drag and drop toggle, Edit task, Expand/collapse branch, Expand/collapse branch ALL children, Show/hide checkbox, Show/hide task numbers, Zoom on branch
Zoom on branch Yes
Delete completed tasks Yes
Uncheck completed tasks Yes
Overwrite Google Tasks changes Yes
Overwrite Local changes Yes
Level color Yes, plus copy level colors from existing setup
Linkify notes - make web, email, phone numbers, address links clickable  Yes
Context-sensitive help Yes