Release Notes for iRT GTasks Outliner BETA v0.0.28

  • Add Auto Snooze and Snooze (postpone) functionality; Task Reminder details, add Auto snooze; Task Tree, Views, add Snooze; add Task Snooze view, when you tap on a notification, you will be given the chance to clear or override snooze
  • Preferences, Reminder Preferences, add Auto Snooze duration and Manual Snooze duration
  • Edit Task and Task Notes, add warning message if Task name or notes have been modified and user taps on cancel or back buttons
  • Tasks Views, Due date, add number of days due
  • Tasks Views, for 'ALL TASKS LIST' results, double tap on task goes to specific list
  • Bug fix, Task Edit, reminder not calculating correctly when due date is adjusted
  • Bug fix, reminder (not on due date) not calculating correctly for repeating tasks